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The thing about fire is that it doesn’t just inflict damages pertaining to fire but also accounts for water damage. The water used for fire extinguishing accumulates in the house and as a result, the concrete starts to spall, the water penetrates into damaged floor and wall, and the soot sticks on the furniture and ceiling,

Carpet, rugs, and curtains become charred if not burnt, and plastic items melt and deform.

But you don’t have to panic. If there are fire departments in the country to take care of fire, then there are fire damage restoration companies too to take care of fire damage. You just sit back and let Garden Grove Fire Damage Restoration take over after the fire has been extinguished. Do not add more stress on your shoulders of fire damage clean up. We understand that you have been through a traumatic incident. Garden Grove Fire Damage Restoration is here and ready to help you in any way that we can.

Why Smoke Damage Needs to Be Handled by Professionals:

Professionals do not become professionals just like that. They have to go through extensive training to learn the skill of fire damage restoration. This entitles them to be called experts and they have the right knowledge to approach the chaos.

Due to multiple exposure to fire damage occurrences, these professionals become experienced in all kind of fire damage situations. If we talk about affordability than yes, hiring a company is a wiser decision because if each job is done by a separate vendor, the cost of restoration will explode.

Fire damage experts know, what type fire can cause which kind of damage. They can tell which kind of fire residue and soot it is and how it must be eliminated from the house just by looking at the damage. They will approach soot and smoke clean up systematically so that the damage is not worsened and the property is restored as soon as possible.

Garden Grove Fire Damage Restoration’s Team:

Our team is made up of experienced fire damage experts who meticulously address fire damage problems in your building. Every fire damage is unique. We have studied smoke and fire deterioration very closely due to long term exposure in a good ten years. The work is divided into specialized jobs which are assigned to each expert in the field. Our team consists of following members who are IICRC certified:

  • Fire Damage inspection specialist
  • Rug and carpet cleaners
  • Laundry experts
  • Upholstery cleaners
  • Water damage experts
  • Soot and smoke cleaning experts
  • Smoke deodorization technicians
  • Hard surface cleaning experts

Services Offered by Garden Grove Fire Damage:

  • Free damage assessment
  • Emergency services 24/7
  • 30 minutes on call response
  • Payable through insurance companies
  • Provides Industrial grade cleaning equipment
  • Storage facility to move furniture out during the clean up
  • Complete fire damage Clean up at affordable rates.
  • Microbial remediation

For more information on house fire structural renovation and clean up procedure by Garden Grove Fire Damage, call us now at 714-583-9811.

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